Behind every great ad campaign is a great media plan

At Peterson Media, we believe there is a science behind designing the most effective media campaigns for our clients. We call this science Media Planning. Media planning enables us to determine the “who”, “how”, “when”, “where”, “which” and “why” that goes into shaping a media plan – and producing the best results.

Our disciplined approach to media planning ensures that you are putting your advertising message in front of the right audience, using the right media channels, and advertising at the times when customers and prospects are most likely to respond to your message. This allows help you utilize your advertising budget more efficiently and improve your advertising Return on Investment.

Media planning is a comprehensive process that begins with a review of your industry and competition and an evaluation of available media research to better understand the habits and motivations of your target audience. Then, we design a customized media strategy, based on a careful examination of your business, your competitive position in the marketplace, and your specific marketing goals and objectives. Finally, a strategic calendar of advertising activity is recommended that provides for the most cost-effective use of your advertising budget. The media plan also provides a framework with which we can evaluate various media proposals and then negotiate, purchase and schedule the media.

Our media planning services include:

  • Evaluating available third-party industry and consumer research
  • Reviewing competitive spending levels, where available
  • Evaluating past/current media plans
  • Posting current television buys and negotiating any make-goods
  • Reconciling current/recent media invoices against plans and negotiating credits and make-good weight as necessary
  • Developing customized media strategy
  • Providing advertising calendars, flow charts, etc.
  • Managing and reconciling advertising budgets
  • Forecasting media weight and delivery, media costs, results
  • Providing quarterly media cost/rate targets

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