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A new approach to Digital Media Buying

Online marketing is a critical component of an integrated and effective marketing strategy. But you need much more than just a website. You need a strategy in place to expose your products and services to your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and convert visitors into buyers.

At Peterson Media, we provide a number of Digital Media services to support your online presence and drive quality traffic to your website, including:

Display Advertising
Reaching your audience on highly targeted websites and other digital publications by way of banner ads, rich media and other content.

Digital Video Advertising
Integrating your message into targeted news, industry, business and entertainment websites to reach niche viewing audiences.

Mobile Advertising
Advertising on smart phones, tablets and other portable digital devices across mobile sites, phone apps to reach an audience that is constantly plugged-in and on the move.

Native Advertising
Also known as Sponsored Content, Native Advertising is that which matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. It can include Blog posts, videos and other online content designed to promote products and services.

Monitoring traffic to your website and serving ads to those consumers within targeted zip codes to convert window shoppers into buyers.

Search Engine Marketing – e.g. Google Ads
Boosting your web visibility by way of pay-per-click and organic search results to keep you visible at every stage of the buying cycle.

Social Media Marketing
Using the world’s most popular social media platforms and networks to build brand awareness, gain loyal followers and initiate consumer action.

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