Media Campaign Analysis

Peterson Media monitors campaigns on a continual basis to ensure a higher return-on-investment.

At Peterson Media, we work close with our clients to monitor campaign results. As part of our strategy, we build in campaign checkpoints, which allow us to measure success and determine if any corrections are necessary. Through Post-Buy Analysis, we are able to ensure that every media dollar planned and executed delivers the most viewers, listeners, readers, clicks, and other consumer responses.

Post-Buy Analysis helps us to determine:

  • How many impressions did we make?
  • How do the costs of one media platform compare with another, given their return?
  • Did we reach our targets? If not, why was that? What needs to change?
  • Is it time to tweak the media mix?

Do we need to zig or zag?

We want to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be changed to optimize your media strategy. By keeping a close eye on your campaign’s performance, we can respond quickly to changes in the market, new media opportunities, or adjustments in your marketing strategy.

At Peterson Media, we are committed to leaving no stone unturned in our quest to deliver the most value for your media investment.

Media Auditing

Our auditing process is extremely thorough and is geared towards the efficient and cost-effective use of your media dollar. We continually monitor buys in real time to guarantee a precise delivery of impressions. If delivery ever falls short of the estimates promised by our vendors, we will hold them accountable and aggressively negotiate for make-goods or credits. We provide a complete suite of media audits and reports, which include:

  • Invoice auditing
  • Competitive monitoring
  • Creative and traffic monitoring
  • Television post-buy analysis
  • Digital performance reports

Campaign Analysis

Peterson Media can provide campaign reports in a format and a frequency that best suits you. Media campaign analysis may include:

  • A complete overview of placements by media, type, and timing.
  • Impressions, clicks, and other actions that digital media placements drive.
  • Gross rating points (GRPs) and other indicators of television, outdoor and radio buys.
  • The efficiency of the buy and your company’s cost savings.
  • An evaluation of performance, audience insights, and options for improvement.
Post Buy Analysis, Peterson Media

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How does your media measure up?

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