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Peterson Media has redefined Buying Power.

These days, it’s more important than ever that you get the very most from your advertising dollar.

The best way to ensure you’re optimizing your media budget is to use an agency that specializes in media buying. At Peterson Media, all we do is media. And our 25+ years of experience speaks to the fact that we are very good at it.

Our media buying process consists of three parts:

  1. Media Negotiation
  2. Negotiating Value-Added Exposure
  3. Conducting Post-Buy Analysis

Our comprehensive Media Buying services include:

  • Researching appropriate media vendors and programming
  • Evaluating proposals from media vendors
  • Negotiating media rates
  • Negotiating value-added exposure
  • Creating media promotions
  • Creating insertion orders and run lists
  • Confirming schedules will be as ordered
  • Reconciling invoices
  • Managing execution of buys;
  • Negotiating appropriate make-goods for preemptions
  • Conducting post-buy analyses
  • Rendering payment to media vendors
  • Re-evaluating the media plan to further optimize your media buys
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Media Negotiation

Peterson Media has contacts in all major media outlets across the country. Our media associates are experts in all formats. This includes traditional media, such as television, radio, print and outdoor, as well as digital and social media. With over 30 years of media buying experience, we have a reputation for being tenacious, yet fair negotiators. And because of our strong vendor relationships and consistent buying history, we negotiate the lowest possible rates for clients in all media. Our long-standing relationships with the media also means that we are often among the first to hear of special or bonus media opportunities.

Added-Value Exposure

Peterson Media is continuously seeking exciting promotional events and sponsorship opportunities and bonus spots for our clients. On radio, these can take the form of an endorsement by a popular radio personality or a remote broadcast from your company’s location or possibly an interview. On television, there are seasonal packages for certain business categories, or they may consist of a short sponsorship tags during a news or primetime broadcast. These bonus or “value-added” media opportunities are negotiated as part of the media buy itself and come at little or no additional cost to our client. In some cases, we work with the media to design a customized event that is specifically tailored to your business.

Post-Buy Analysis

Once the campaign is completed, we will conduct a thorough post-buy analysis to verify that your campaign achieved the specific media goals, as well as your overall business objectives. In some cases, we find that broadcasters, publications, and other media outlets can’t or don’t deliver as promised or estimates of viewer or listener traffic is less than agreed upon. In such cases, you can count on Peterson Media to be aggressive in negotiating credits and make-goods on your behalf. Our goal is always to make sure you get what you paid for – and more.

Are you getting the most from your media dollar?

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